Search for counterfeit goods

Keep Alert works with luxury trademarks and lawyers to detect counterfeiting websites online. The aim of such detection is to identify networks of distributions and highlight the main actors online.

The service proposed by Keep Alert covers the various areas online such as marketplaces, domain names, organic search and back hat SEO…

Networks identifications

This service detects the webites selling counterfeiting products. The detection is provided through the domain name monitoring and the organic search. The monitoring may be launched on the name of the trademark or on a generic word. For example « Pharmacy » to detect websites selling pharmaceutical products.

Networks are identified thanks to several criteria enabling us to group domain names together. These criteria may be:

  • Registrant email address: Reverse WHOIS are provided to find additional domain names registered by the same registrant.
  • IP addresses and geographical localisation: IP reverse are provided to detect other domain names attached to the same IP.
  • Google analytics ID: Keep Alert detects the Google Analytics ID for each website detected. This ID is normally a unique criteria per website.Then if two websites are connected to the same Google analytics ID then we can consider they are linked and belong to the same person.
  • Highlighting the relations between the owners of disputed domain names

Marketplace detection

Keep Alert offers a range of targeted counterfeit detection among marketplaces:

  • Search for specific products in auction sites or ads
  • Geolocation of the detection
  • Highlighting anormally low selling price
  • Reporting counterfeiters who recruit customers via social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Detection of commercial links redirecting to counterfeit shop (Google Adwords)

Facilitate action against counterfeiting

Once Keep Alert identified networks and relevant actors depending on the strategy of the trademark, the complete information is provided to the client. This includes:

  • Hosting servers
  • Registrars
  • Domain names holders
  • Contextual presentation of the UDRP jurisprudence in cases of domain names selling counterfeit
  • Google Analytics ID
  • Name servers and MX field (when available)

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