Organic Search Monitoring

Aims of Search Engine monitoring

Search engine result monitoring facilitates the tracking of URLs that are visible around the world in the search engine pages of each country.

This monitoring service is principally useful when dealing with challenges that have already been identified, for example searches of counterfeit goods.

This module identifies sites that are ranked by search engines and is ideally suited to identifying counterfeit sites that do not include the name of a brand or trademark in the URL / domain name.

This monitoring and surveillance module is a perfect complement to domain name monitoring if your aim is to concentrate on active websites.

Available search engines

Keep Alert monitors SE results in the following search engines:

  • Baidu (China)
  • Bing
  • Google
  • Naver (South Korea)
  • Yahoo!
  • Yandex (Russia)

Results are stored in the language of the local result.

We recommend that you select the search engine that corresponds to the country you are monitoring and its popularity in the target country.

Improving relevance

Add complementary terms

Adding complementary terms is useful in identifying problematic sites for precise subjects: counterfeit websites, illegal use of brand names or slogans, unauthorized sale of products….

To limit irrelevant results, Keep Alert recommends that you add commonly used terms to the list of terms.

For counterfeiting for example, commonly used terms are ‘on line’, ‘sale’ and ‘cheap’…

The choice of keywords should be validated with the owner of the brand or trademark, depending upon the problem that is the subject of surveillance. Keep Alert had an array of tools that are helpful in qualifying and selecting search terms to track.

Volume of result detected and reported

By default, Keep Alert records the 50 first search results generated by the search engine in question.

Keep Alert can adapt the number of results that are recorded depending on the strategy that is chosen.

The results per launch are limited to 100. In the case when numerous search terms are associated with the brand name, we recommend that you limit your results to the forest 30 results to avoid having an excessive number of results and to improve result quality.

Remove redundancies and repetitions

Adding a search term in association with a brand can generate multiple results for the same URL.

Keep Alert can automatically delete repetitions in order to reduce the volume of results

Evolution of sites

Keep Alert indicates the rank of the search result. This search engine rank allows you to gage the popularity of the site.

Changes to search engine ranking are automatically recorded at each scan and the progression of the site’s performance can be tracked.

Example of use

Keep Alert can be used to identify:

  • Counterfeit sites
  • Unauthorized ecommerce sites in specific countries
  • Pirated sites
  • References to products or trademarks on competitors’ sites

“Full Text Indexation” (Search for a term in page content)

Keep Alert provides instant search for terms in detected results. This search function facilitates targeting of specific subjects or irrelevant content.

In the example of counterfeit ecommerce detection, searching for terms such as “fake” or “replica” assist in identifying domain names that do not include these terms in the product name or description, but they do include them in them in the source code of the page (meta tags, hidden content, image titles, etc.).

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