Web 2.0 monitoring

Keep Alert monitors the presence of a trademark on the main blogging platforms, sharing websites...


Keep Alert detects the following results:

  • Pages on Myspace, NoteTonEntreprise, Wikipedia, Xing,
  • Videos on Dailymotion, Vimeo et YouTube
  • Blogs on Blogspot, Overblog, Skyblog, Tumblr, Typepad, Wordpress
  • Accounts and posts on Google+
  • Accounts on Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest

A result is detected if the trademark appears in:

  • The URL of the page
  • The titre
  • The content of the page

Detection limit

Detection results are limited to 200 results on BlogSpot, Google+ (by content type), MySpace, NoteTonEntreprise, Overblog, Skyblog, Tumblr, Typepad, Wikipedia, Wordpress, and Xing

Detection of videos on YouTube and DailyMotion is limited to 600 results each. Vimeo is limited to 100 results.

Detection on Flickr is limited to 75 results, detection on Instagram to 40 results, surveillance on Pinterest to 15 results.


You can choose the frequency of monitoring of your choice: quarterly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

Valuable results

Keep Alert has a secure extranet to view the results. The results can be exported to Excel, PDF or Open Office format. An email alert is sent to you when new results are available.

PDF and Excel reports can be customized (choice of columns displayed, footer customization, language...)

Times stamped screenshot

All results are presented with a time stamped screenshot. It is carried out under optimal conditions (visit without cache) and the date and exact time of detection with server authentication.

Screenshots are kept for 2 years.

Additional information

Keep Alert presents the results identifying the monitored platform, the content type (page, video, group...), the URL and a popularity index.

This popularity index is only available for some platforms. It shows for example the number of video views, the date of the last publication...

This index varies between platforms to provide consistent information.

Consultant Analysis and consolidation

Keep Alert offers human analysis of results done by a legal expert.

This analysis aims to identify the most problematic cases and help you consolidate the results.

Recommendations are based on a clearly defined strategy to identify issues such as defamation, identification of sales of illegal products (on EBay, Facebook and Twitter mainly).

This analysis can be performed on the initial audits; regular scans or all monitoring scans according to your wish.

Additional options

Customized lexical filters

You can assign up to 200 words to a label that will appear in results on the reports page.

E.g. for the brand Mont Blanc, the label "pen" is used to filter domain names with content that deals with pens and not desserts.

URL monitoring

When a case requires particular attention, you can refine your surveillance with a daily timestamped screenshot. Two elements are monitored:

  • WHOIS records
  • Content of the page

An email is sent to you as soon as the site content changes or that the domain's status changes.

This URL monitoring includes screenshots and archiving.

"Full text indexing" (search term in the contents of a page)

Keep Alert has an option of instant search in results. This question allows you to target a particular topic or exclude irrelevant content.

In the context of identifying counterfeit sales, you can filter for content in the web page for terms such as "fake" or "replica" and identify the domain names that do not include these terms in the label name, but in the source code of the html page ("meta tag", image names, hidden content, etc).

detect brand abuse in HTML code

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