Auction website monitoring

Keep Alert monitors the presence of a trademark on EBAY.


Keep Alert detects two types of results on EBAY:

  • Stores
  • Items

A result is kept if the trademark appears in:

  • The URL of the page
  • The title
  • The description of the store or product

Detection limit

Detection is limited to 200 results for stores and 200 results for items.


Monitoring is proposed on a monthly or daily basis.

Some auctions are limited in time. Monthly monitoring does not identify these ads. To ensure effective monitoring, daily monitoring is recommended.

With daily monitoring, an email is sent to you once a week providing the new results.

Recommended strategy

Results on EBAY vary depending on the geolocation of users. Monitoring includes this data using the extension of the targeted country. So monitoring will be carried out in France on

Some brands generate many results on this platform. It is possible to limit the noise (and irrelevant results) by precisely defining the desired products and associating specific terms with the brand name.

The tool will detect fewer, but better targeted and relevant results.

Valuable results

Keep Alert has a secure extranet to view the results. The results can be exported to Excel, PDF or Open Office format. An email alert is sent to you when new results are available.

PDF and Excel reports can be customized (choice of columns displayed, footer customization, language...).

Additional information

Keep Alert presents the results identifying the monitored platform, the content type (store or item), the URL and information related to the result such as the name and score of the seller, the price, the publication date.

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