Domain Name Analysis

domain name analysisCollect information about a domain name is not as straightforward as it seems.

Who is the owner? Is there a mail service on the domain name? Where is localized the website? These questions are basic elements, although sometimes difficult to collect.

Indirect information is often a very interesting way to identify the owner of a domain, and to determine a group of linked domain names. This kind of cross-checking is very useful for legal and UDRP actions.

The accessibility to a WHOIS depends on the registry and the registrar. Due to the amount of new extensions (registry) and registrars, it might be complicated to understand the WHOIS information. Moreover, a common mistake dealing with domain names is to only focus on the WHOIS information and IP addresses, hosting / network provider, domain zone file, monitoring IDs (...) should not be ignored.

Keep Alert provides a new service of identification and cross-checking information per domain name. We can quickly provide you with a report including the main information on the domain name: ownership and technical bases and also performs an extended research to detect affiliated websites.

This deep analysis is realized by one of our paralegal inhouse and can be adapted to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you want to receive an example of such report.

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