100% reliable DNS servers with Verisign® Managed DNS

Verisign® Managed DNS logoBecause they are essential for the resolution of related queries (website, email, VPN...), DNS are critical to the proper functioning of domain names and associated services.
To guarantee its customers a rock solid robustness, Keep Alert chose to trust the world no. 1 of the DNS infrastructure: Verisign®.

Responsible of running .COM and .NET, Verisign® maintains the most robust DNS worldwide infrastructure. Verisign®, the federally audited .GOV TLD, and other critical extensions. 
They ensures the security, stability and resiliency of key Internet infrastructure and services, including the authoritative directory of all .COM, .NET, .TV, .CC, .name top-level domains and the back-end registry for a portfolio of generic top-level domains.

Our DNS services features:

  • Guaranteed 100% uptime, keeping your sites “live” on a 24x7 basis
  • A globally dispersed hybrid network (Anycast) offering superior fault tolerance and response times, as well as resilience to DDoS attacks and natural disasters
  • Over-provisioned capacity to prevent successful DDoS attacks
  • Strategically placed points of presence for highly responsive DNS resolution 
  • A multi-vendor architecture that prevents exposure to vendor-specific vulnerabilities
  • Multi-layered security measures and countermeasures that defend your resources against malicious attacks
  • Knowledgeable, 24/7 customer support through our dedicated DNS team
  • Unlimited scalability

DNS user interface and management

The MANAGED DNS portal allows users to manage every zone record for domains subscribed on the service. Every current record (SOA, A, CNAME, MX, TXT, NS…) can be managed directly. The service also provides multi format (BIND, CSV and Excel) that can be submitted through the Team and complete multi aspects Reporting features.
Our DNS service supports zone- and record-level TTL configurations and can easily provide zone reporting, at no charge, in BIND, CSV, and Excel formats. We also offer web redirections (URL forwarding). This service includes support for 301/302 redirection and frame-grab (stealth) capability.
The portal is secured through Two-Factor Authentication, which guarantees against Phishing attacks by requiring a one-time password in addition to the usual logins.

Robust and reliable Global DNS infrastructure

Apart from resolving from 17 sites worldwide (Europe North America, Asia), site locations are adjusted over time as conditions, such as Internet traffic patterns, change. Given the distribution of hosts and original locations of the DNS query load, 60% of the resolution sites are currently located on the East and West Coasts of the United States, with the remaining 40% hosted in Europe and Asia. For maximum coverage, growth allowance and physical redundancy, no less than three sites are maintained in each targeted geographic area.
Verisign® Managed DNS Service relies on the Advanced Transaction Look-up Signaling (ATLAS®) platform for secure, consistent and accurate DNS resolution. As the platform used for global DNS resolution by the .COM and .NET registries, ATLAS performs at 100 times the processing capacity of the standard BIND technology to maintain the speed and reliability of connections, as well as integrate new protocols quickly and efficiently. Additionally, ATLAS is less vulnerable to security flaws than BIND-based DNS platform.

Additional security services

In addition the 100% availability SLA, KEEP ALERT offers the below additional services:

  • Geo Location Services – Redirect your traffic according to Geographic provenance criteria
  • Failover – secure your critical applications servers by DNS switching automatically to your Backup(s) 
  • Dynamic Traffic Management – Script your DNS traffic according to your customized needs 
  • DDoS Protection Services – Verisign® DDoS Protection Services provide organizations with a reliable and scalable DDoS protection. Our superior cloud-based solution and innovative Verisign® OpenHybridTM architecture can help protect you from potential revenue and reputational losses

DDoS attack-resistant data servers

reliable and secure DNS servers

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