Webpage monitoring

Keep Alert Webpage Monitoring complements the monitoring of domain names, search engines and content.

When a case requires increased vigilance, you can refine your monitoring. Keep Alert examines the webpage concerned and analyses it at two levels:

  • The domain name’s whois records
  • The content of the page

A notification email is sent to you as soon as the website changes or the domain name’s status changes.
This webpage content monitoring includes screenshots and situation archives.

Keep Alert collects all relevant domain information:

  • Domain availability with notification when a domain name is registered or becomes available
  • Presence of sponsored links (domain parking)
  • Expiry date and notification 7 days before the domain name’s anniversary date
  • Owner
  • Administrative contact
  • Technical contact
  • Registration office (“registrar”)
  • Hosting service

Keep Alert extracts key words from webpages to reduce “noise” in your reports. Keep Alert thus detects radical changes to a page: change of version, piracy…

Webpage surveillance also includes:

  • An availability diagnostic of the webpage which detects the publication of a website on an inactive domain name
  • A change of the page title, announcing an essential change

To find out how Keep Alert can help you manage web page monitoring, contact us.

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