UDRP database

The Keep Alert domain name tool includes the body of Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy (UDRP) Case history of the main Arbitration and Mediation Centers:


       The World Intellectual Property


                       National Arbitration Forum

                       Nominet DRS (Dispute Resolution Service), registry of the British ccTLD .CO.UK

Domain name dispute resolutions




                         The Czech Arbitration Court


When your trademark is registered  by a third party using descriptive or common terms such as "buy", "online", "outlet" or "shop" in a domain name, Keep Alert automatically adds a note in your report indicating the dispute number and the url link to the full case and decision.

Thousands of expressions are already integrated as “blog”, “deal”, “direct”, “e-", “insurance”, “official”, “team”, “suck”... as well as geographical areas such as countries or cities in several languages are also included in this new functionality (ex: “india” added to the trademark in the domain name arevaindia.com).

A large body of Domain Name dispute resolution composed of a trademark associated with a common term.  They represent 64 % of WIPO disputes in 2010 with the French firm as complainants and 46% with the British complainants.

Access to UDRP decision is included in Keep Alert public prices.

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