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search advertising monitoringThe major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing…) all offer pay-per-click programs, known as Search Engine Marketing or Sponsored Links. The advertiser’s ad appears according to the search terms used and the user's geographical location.

Since September 14th, 2010, any advertiser can buy the name of a trademark as a keyword in Google Adwords without being its owner. This policy is the result of a ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) of March 23rd, 2010, clearing Google of trademark counterfeiting.

This change in the rules has led to a rise in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) abuse and to the emergence of numerous unauthorized advertisers. Keep Alert carries out an initial SEM assessment and runs daily reports identifying all the adverts appearing on search engines that use your trademark in the ad text.

brand abuse

Threats: monitor a trademark in the search engines

  • Impossible to prohibit the purchase of your trademark from Google Adwords
  • Previously blacklisted trademarks are available again
  • Identifying advertisers using your trademark as a key word
  • Detecting adverts using your trademark in different advertising sales houses
  • Spotting the use of your trademark in competitor adverts, diverting your business
  • Distinguishing price comparison websites who use your trademark to enhance their traffic
  • Reporting unauthorized resellers and affiliates who increase their sales without respecting your marketing regulations
  • Detecting adverts used for counterfeit websites
  • Identifying adverts which are damaging for the image of your company
  • Identifying information websites which could publish unofficial  information about your trademark
  • Protecting your infringed intellectual property rights in order to protect your trademark’s good reputation
  • Uncovering geographical targeting and time zoning strategies
  • Checking the appearance of adverts with typographical variances of the trademark (for instance: Alsthom, Rollex…)
  • Tracking affiliates that compete with your official advert to obtain unjustified commissions
  • Ensuring that removed adverts do not reappear
  • Improving the visibility of adverts with negative keywords
  • Rising cost-per-click on trademark keywords
  • Losing your top spot among commercial links on your own trademark
  • Reduction in the return on investment of SEM campaigns
brand monitor

Solutions: protect your trademark

  • Daily automatic check on search engine(s) for ads triggered by your trademark.
  • Identification of the advertiser with: title, ad text, display link
  • Daily timestamped screenshot of the search engine’s page displaying the advert (pdf export available)
  • Daily timestamped screenshot of the landing page
  • Worldwide surveillance parameters: Google Adwords, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu (China), Yandex (Russia), Naver (South Korea)
  • Detection of the advert according to the language(s) of the country
  • Geolocation of the advertisers
  • Control of report frequency
  • Monitoring of the occurrence of the advert’s display with a time evolution graph
  • Automatic classification of new advertisers added  to your history
  • Search ad content: title, text, display link
  • Sort per country, language, date, network, title
  • Classification of the results per personalised “Use”, “Owner” and “Action” tags
  • Control panel: advertisers per country, adverts per language...
  • Excel export of all the results and associated data
  • Creation of pdf reports with the selected adverts
  • Monitoring of contentious cases: introduction to legal partners
brand control

Advantages: control the usage of your trademark in the search engines

  • Worldwide monitoring of the SEM use of your trademark
  • Generation of correspondence to request the withrdawl of problematic ads
  • Withdrawal of advertisers using your trademark as a loss leader
  • Ensure the presence of legitimate advertisers only
  • Optimisation of the return on investment of your own SEM campaigns
  • Reduce the cost-per-click (CPC) of your trademark by removing unauthorized ads
  • Elimination of adverts for counterfeit websites which prey on your clients and prospects

Discover the Keep Alert platform and its SEM abuse monitoring solutions for Google Adwords, Yahoo!, Bing and other national search engines. Advanced options (typographical variants, configuration of control frequency, time and days…) are also available.

To find out how Keep Alert can help you manage search marketing monitoring, contact us.

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