Domain name monitoring

After an initial assessment, Keep Alert provides ongoing reports at the frequency of your choice (except daily) covering:

  • Newly registered domain names
  • Domain names that have entered the public domain
  • Domain names which have undergone automatic label changes

These reports provide:

  • Notification if an inacccessible website or waiting page becomes active
  • Alert when a parking page disappears
  • Verification of the activation of inactive or wrongly-redirected pages
  • Access to the history of the domain name

Keep Alert notifies you by email of the delivery of your new report at the frequency you set:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

The three notification categories are added to your study that record the previous cases with updated screenshots with your pre-defined categories and interference parametersl (for instance exclusion of an expression or hidden lines).

This alert includes the same information as a domain name audit:

  • Detected domain names
  • Timestamped screenshots
  • Automatic labels
  • Whois records

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