White paper "Cybersquatting in 2012"

On the occasion of its participation at the 135th annual meeting of INTA (International Trademark Association) in Dallas, Keep Alert brand monitoring platform has published a white paper on the different faces of cybersquatting in 2012.

Cybersquatting is the abusive speculative registration of domain name corresponding to trademark or brand.

The "cybersquatting in 2012," white paper addresses the following questions:

  • Which arbitration center is the most favorable to trademark holders? The results of NAF Vs. WIPO
  • What companies are the most active in combatting cybersquatting: Barclays, Lego, Google, Swarovski or Victoria's Secret?
  • Who represents trademark holders (claimants) in cybersquatting arbitration cases : law firms, internal management or registrars?
  • Which registrars are the most popular with cyber squatters: Enom, Go Daddy or Internet.bs?
  • What are the nationalities of claimants: Germany, Canada, USA, France or the UK?
  • What are the nationalities of respondents: Australia, China, United States, Panama and the United Kingdom?

screenshot: example of cybersquatting: legoclubprintshop

  • How are disputed domain names spelled: identical, containing or similar?
  • The amount of typosquatting in cybersquatting
  • What are the terms associated with brands that are victims of cybersquatting: buy, coupons, online, shop or www?
  •  What content is associated with the disputed domain names: active site, phishing, and pornsquatting ...
  • The actual representation of landing pages
  • Damage related to past infringements of domain names incorporating well-known trademarks
  • What happens to domain names after arbitration?
  • Are trademark owners implementing decisions properly?

The results are compared with the previous White Paper on cybersquatting in 2011 published by Keep Alert for the 134th annual meeting of INTA in Washington in May 2012.

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