Domain names

DDoS attacks are getting unfortunately common: end of 2016, websites such as Twitter, Spotify or Netflix were stopped cold due to the American DYN DNS attack.
In order to guarantee the security of the existing domain name attribution system, ICANN have provided a list of terms that cannot be registered in the new domain name extensions to be launched. The number of blocked terms varies depending on the NewgTLD (120,000 for .DELL).
A domain name is registered for a given period of time from 1 to 10 years. It is possible, like for brand registrations, to renew ad vitam aeternam a domain name. However, if you forget to renew a domain name, it will then fall into the public domain and become available for a new registration. Discover here the process.
The ranking of domain names in September 2014 (*) highlights the high power of the .COM. Since July 2014, this extension won 1,2 million of domain names, and that is more than the registrations done in all the NewgTLDs taken together. Among the NewgTLDs the stars are still .BERLIN, .CLUB and .GURU.
The ranking of extensions in terms of volume of domain name registrations in July 2014 (*) shows the massive and constant delegation of NewgTLDs. More than 300 new Internet extensions are now active, which represents the same number of historical extensions, and this is only the beginning.
On the occasion of its participation at the 136th annual meeting of INTA (International Trademark Association) in Hong Kong, Keep Alert published a White Paper on the faces of domain name and / or speculative registration of a domain name corresponding to a prior right.
Announced by Nominet CEO Lesley Cowley at the 48th ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) meeting in Buenos Aires in 2013, the .UK is now available to registration.
The ranking of extensions in terms of volume of domain name registrations in May 2014 (*) confirms the strong growth of the Chinese .CN reaching this month ten million of domain names registered.
Nominet, the registry for the extension of the United Kingdom (.UK), announced at the 48th summit ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) in Buenos Aires, the introduction of domain name at the second-level,  directly in .UK in 2014. ProDomaines officially Nominet accredited registrar enables you to register your domain name in .CO.UK and in the future .UK.
The Top-Level-Domain (TLD) .COM almost reaches the 110 million of domain name registrations a few months before the appearance of the first NewgTLDs. Discover the signifiant development for the .NET, .CO (Colombia), .ASIA and .PRO. On the other side some TLDs lost a lot of registrations (.cрб IDN for Serbia or .INFO). The ranking also present the arrival of the .NU for the Niues Islands, directly in the 34th rank.